Feel bad yet?

I don’t really have anything offensive to say. I’m no atheist, I believe in God, but he’s way more different than what I’ve been taught.
Atheism. It’s the rejection of deities, gods, and other higher beings ruling over the world. Well, like I’ve said.. I don’t have anything offensive, but.. I do have an opinion that could change your life.
For all those atheists out there —since I’ve been encountering a lot lately— I don’t have problems with your beliefs, and I respect that, but I expect a little decency. I don’t like how some of you guys suddenly flip out when you hear the word “Bible” or “God.” It just shows how much of a poser you are.
First of all, we don’t go around shoving Bible verses up your ass, so you don’t always have to go crazy all of a sudden when you hear the word “God” or “faith” or “religion,” it’s kind of normal and it’s not really against the law, specially when no one’s asking for your opinion about anything God-related. Thank God, for those atheists who actually know what respect is. (How ironic, yes.)
And second of all, make sure you really are a non-believer before announcing you are. It’s just really embarassing how afterwards you contradict yourself.
Thank you. 🙂 and God bless!
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Wristcutters.. It really is just a love story ♥

I wouldn’t say it’s the kind of film you’d have to see before you die, but it’s definitely something to see. So I’d give it a 7 out of 10, just because “some” parts of the story is original.

I really liked how they portrayed an alternate place for suicide “victims. (cause I don’t think they’re really victims, I mean they did it on purpose, right?) ” It somehow resembles What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, though. The ending was kind of off for me too. I mean, they could’ve at least explained what the P.I.C.’s capable of. Like how they were able to give him his life back after it was very clear he committed suicide. So Kneller? What’s he? Like a misguided “follower” of “the head?” (Yes, they are puns.) And the Messiah, who committed suicide twice, where’s he gonna go? So if that “town” wasn’t hell, then what is it?
Or maybe it’s the purgatory. And the movie’s telling us, we don’t just have heaven and hell, we also have a “return to earth” pass. 🙂

I recommend this film very much. The soundtrack may be something to look forward to it’s kind of like a tribute to all those artists who committed suicide, or maybe in other cases, accidentally OD’d. 😉

PS: By the way, the movie’s Rated R.. And I think it’s only because of the first scene, so heads up on that 😉

Addendum: I think the messiah/the king resembles Jesus somehow. If he didn’t kill himself twice, they wouldn’t have known who the PIC were, and she wouldn’t have been able to defend her case. The only thing missing is, we knew Jesus went to heaven, but where did this Messiah go? And of course.. Kneller is the Judas, which doesn’t really make him a bad person.

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