Rain, rain.. Go away!

Song playing: Northern Downpour by Panic! At the Disco
Growing up in a somewhat suburban environment, I was always excited about the rain. As a kid, the first few drops made me smile, specially when I hear them hitting our roof. I change into my sando and a pair of shorts and ask my mom if I could go out with my friends to bathe (but mostly play) under the rain. The only time I could do so is during Agua de Mayo, if I remember correctly, but on special rare occassions, my mom would allow me.
I would run around the compound with my friends playing “Bubuka ang Bulaklak” while laughing ecstaticly, or play habu-habulan (tag) with them; but then of course the rain would have to end, and hearing the last, few soft drops would suddenly paint a frown on our faces, and our parents would call on us while holding a dry towel and make us wash off. Then, the sun would come out, and we’d all be sad and curse at the sun.
Now that I’m older, I mostly feel annoyed when it starts hitting our roof because the sound overwhelms my music. It also makes my baby brother completely annoyed and then he starts cursing at the rain. The rain suddenly draws nothing but frown on our faces, and when it stops we’re back to our normal selves. But, somehow, somewhere deep in my soul I still feel attached to the rain.  Not only does it bring back memories from my childhood, but it also makes me feel at peace. When the rain starts pouring, it reminds me so much of home, my first home.
My first home is where all my childhood memories are: playing around the compound untill sunset; making sure we don’t kick the ball too hard while playing sipa bola (kick ball), because we weren’t allowed to go on the other side (I never got to go on that other side.. Ever. Maybe just a glimpse, but never on it.); goofing around inside my kubo (nipa hut) my grandpa made for me as a present and playing with our little palayoks (pottery), and discovering what libre (free) means; playing Sailor Moon board games and crying after losing; playing piko and langit lupa with the kids from my neighborhood and all those other childish little things we used to enjoy when we didn’t have a care in the world.
Like my sentiments about the rain, the compound has changed a lot: The ever-so sacred vacant lot is now a 4-door apartment with amazingly high fences; the houses in the compound has been renovated so we can’t hang out on the roof anymore; even the gate we used to climb is now in a better condition and unclimbable.
It’s incredibly amazing how the world around you changes, and you’re out of the bubble you used to cloak yourself into. It’s not like you burst it on purpose, you just don’t fit anymore, and sometimes all you can do is move on and keep the memories. (Thank you for not minding my puns!)
And at this very moment, the rain finally stopped…
….I smiled. 🙂

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