Ex-policeman versus PNP’s Crooked System. Who’s to blame?

Incompetence on the news. Maybe most of the government funds should’ve been used for police training. In a country where crime rates are uprising, the better department to invest into would be law enforcers. (period)
I don’t think the police are to blame for their lack of knowledge. The first question to ask is.. Did the government fund them well enough for training? We’ve encountered a few hostage-takings in our country before. The most recent three years ago, but why haven’t they trained the police for these kinds of situations?
There were a lot of opportunities to snipe the guy down. He opens the door every now and then. Is this part of the so-called protocol?
Like I’ve said, how come the whole barangay is allowed to cross that “Police Line Do Not Cross”. Oh, wait. Did we have that?
Oh! Did they know that the glass on the bus is tempered?
Lastly, I think that when this ex-police guy has taken control of over 20+ lives, shouldn’t we let him at least think he’s getting what he wants? An armed man asking for a few things. Maybe if we had handled this situation well enough, it would have ended in a better note. I think this is an area of expertise: Bribery
Maybe we shouldn’t put a lot of anger on the hostage taker. He did an awful lot of service for the country. Maybe the fact that he couldn’t reprise his role as the savior (as to being part of the top ten policemen and being rewarded a number of medals for his service) triggered this last desperate move.
In the end, we’re all victims of this tragedy. Let’s just pray for their souls, and hope this never happens again.

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