My Thoughts on Irreversible.

If there is one word to describe the film, I would say very… French.
And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

It was kind of linear in a non-linear way. If I may though, I’m not really a fan of camera angles that are just too dark or too blurry. I just can’t stand it, but maybe it was trying to symbolize chaos?
Story wise? Yes, very much. I could say I loved it, but it was too graphic for me… I think. I’m not a rape scene enthusiast so.. Maybe there’s bias there. Specially in the ass. Pleeeease. I almost stopped halfway.
You’re never gonna make me go through an underpass alone ever again.

Now, Cinematography? This is the kind of film that would pass for an award. And I don’t mean Cannes, I mean Oscars or Golden Globe. The build up was enticing and it leaves the audience asking for more. The twist in the end (It was a twist for me, I would never have guessed.) was a shocker. And of course, I loved the symbolisms in the movie. The sprinklers, the dream she had. Everything. The “Rectum” And of course the first scene, it really shows just how it was more of an art film and not just another trying hard to be bad ass kind of film.

I would give it an 8 out of 10. 😉
You must know that this movie is Rated R, and you should know why. Here’s a summary:
Disturbing Rape Scene + Very graphic violence + A whole lot of dicks and masturbation + Gay sex + Monica Bellucci’s Hoo Hoos&tight ass

And once again, the French had blown me away. 🙂

Oh and here’s a trivia for all you brave souls who dare watch this movie:
Newsweek stated that this was the most walked out of movie of the year.


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